Wizardwow.ir Wow Private Server
  • Welcome to the Wizardwow World of Warcraft Privat Server!

    Wizardwow is a unique World of Warcraft game server
    based on version 3.3.5a (WotLK) 1.12.1 (vanilla)
    It is unique in a number of features that make even an
    experienced player get new sensations from the old game

    logon.wizardwow.ir 3.3.5a & 1.12.1
    You have been a player who has been a player
    Start now! We guarantee!

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  • wotlk

    RealmList: Logon.Wizardwow.ir
    Realm IP:
    ----[Wotlk 3.3.5]----
    Xp= 10x | Honor=3x
    Rep= 3x | Gold=1x
    Work= 3x | Skill=3x
    ----[Vanilla 1.12.1]----
    Xp= 5x | Honor= -
    Rep= 2x | Skill=2x
    Work= 2x | Gold=1x